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Is Your Child Feeling Sick?

Although your pediatrician is just a phone call away, a wealth of reliable information can be found at the and websites. 

A very popular and well-used resource is the KidsDoc Symptom Checker at the website.  If you have any general questions regarding a particular symptom your child is having, this on-line tool can give you basic treatment information and when you should contact your pediatrician.  And for smartphone users, there's a link on that page for the Symptom Checker app that you can download.

Another reliable source of information can be found at the website.  Of interest is an iPhone app that they provide called "Is it Contagious?".  Of course, call us if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding your child, or call 911 for any true emergencies.

Is Your Child Feeling Sick?

In addition to your on-call pediatrician, helpful internet resources and smartphone apps are available to help.

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International Travel Plans?

If you are planning to travel abroad, make an appointment with your pediatrician to discuss important information.